Our group specializes in providing services, equipment and parts for the integration of streamwide solutions in the Oil & Gas, power generation, chemical, mining, pulp and paper, cryogenic, geothermal, drinking water, drainage, wastewater treatment and other industries.


It is one of the oldest companies in the world, with experience and reliability in the design, manufacture, automation and customization of valves, with the highest quality standards and adherence to international, local and end customer regulations. It provides integral solutions in valves, designs and special modifications to a wide range of industries and leading companies in their sectors.

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GPT Services

It is consolidated as the Walworth Group Services company, providing solutions in the value chain of the Mexican energy sector; whether onshore, offshore or subsea; in plants and complexes ("inside the fence"), storage terminals and pipelines of all services and operating conditions. Implementing the highest ISO standards: Quality, Environmental Care, Occupational Health and Safety at Work.

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Tubos Y Barras Huecas

TBH is a leading company in the sale of hollow and solid bars, seamless and seamless pipes, structural profiles and industrial materials, fittings and connections, among others, through its network of distribution centers strategically located in various locations throughout the country

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The Valve Company

The Valve Company is our WALWORTH distributor for the United States and Canada. WALWORTH valves are available through The Valve Company for the highly competitive U.S. market.


Premier Valve & Field Services is our WALWORTH distributor for the United States and Canada. Specializing in valve repairs, actuation and field service, PREMIER offers high quality, safe and reliable services to the American market.

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